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If you are having problems with a denture but don't want or need a new one don't worry, there are many things we can do to make sure that your denture will work for you. Whether its's a chipped or lost tooth, an acrylic fracture, or just uncomfortable in the mouth, bring in all the pieces that you have and after assessing we can let you know what your options are. Most denture repairs can be done the same day, with no appointment necessary but some repairs will require an impression to be taken. If a repair is "fixed" at home it might be done incorrectly and cause irritation to the gums/teeth and will most likely result in another break in the future.


If you have a denture that is not fitting well but is in good condition a reline might be a good option for you. Over time, the bone ridge in your mouth that the denture fits along will change, resorption is natural and the longer you go without natural teeth generally the more bone will resorb. Since the denture doesn't change over time, you will notice that it will start to feel quite loose and may begin rocking. Relines are a same-day procedure where an impression is taken in your denture in the morning and left with the denturist for the day. The denturist will add a new layer of pink acrylic to the tissue fitting surface and give it back to you that afternoon. A reline will not effect the bite or appearance of the denture but will improve the fit. It is recommended to have a reline every 2-3 years so make sure to book regular check ups with your denturist so your dentures can function as well as possible. Relines should be done on both complete and partial dentures. They can be done with both a hard or soft material, soft relines are a great solution for long term denture wearers that are having a hard time with lower dentures but they aren't a good option for everyone so if you're interested be sure to ask.


Rebases and relines are quite similar with the difference being the amount of acrylic being replaced. Over time some acrylic dentures will discolour and stain and adding a new layer on the tissue surface might just not be enough. If the acrylic is an orange colour we usually recommend rebasing the denture rather than relining. During the process all remaining acrylic will be removed and a whole new base is made. This is especially useful for patients that show lots of "gum" in their smile or if the denture has a strong smell.


Pressure points on the denture can cause small blisters by rubbing on the gums. If you find your dentures uncomfortable or causing sore spots you may need an adjustment. These are quick appointments that are generally needed shortly after receiving your new dentures but can be made at any time.  


Addition of a tooth or clasp to a partial denture

If you have a partial denture and have had a natural tooth extracted since the denture was made, we might be able to add a new artificial tooth to your remaining partial. Similar to the other repairs, this can be done in the same day but will require an impression so make sure to call ahead to book an appointment. 

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